Powerful  Pliability .....

DATA  is  KEY 


The key to trust is through transparency.

It's important to understand the "language" of your Ad Agency.  Realistic expectations should be set and simple to understand. 

We define "transparency" as simplistic hard numbers, paired by every penny, broken down, summed up, real-time viewing, real access. 

Google Analytics, the primary measurement tool, in conjunction with Google AdWords, enables vast capabilities, as the most intelligent and efficient digital reporting tool in the history of advertising. 


We rely on these measurements for a deeper understanding of the who, what, 

when, where, and why behind your campaigns. 



KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS are the variables used to evaluate and measure the efficacy of each advertising strategy. KPI's are simplified so that you can understand the results and associated costs of your campaigns.  


KPI's gather and pull data from each individual marketing source, import.



KPI's also demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets, obtaining sales, retaining customers, and much more.  

KPI's include audience, behavior, conversion, acquisition, bounce rate, retention, cost per impression/click/call/conversion, etc... 

Our Assessment Analysis begins with the Objective & Goal Discovery. 

Once we've completed this segment, we then begin to structure the

CFA Blueprint..... the map, project + fee schedule, product and service outline, all customized to your business needs. 


We provide all clients with a Fee Schedule Agreement, easy to read, no fine print, no long-term contracts.