Critical Focus Agency, Inc. was founded in 2014 by Chief Executive Officer; Carolyn Stittgen, headquartered in Charlotte, NC and serves all of North America and Canada.   

Our CEO's resume is packed with 9 years of corporate digital advertising experience; as a top senior sales executive and top sales manager at Google Partner Companies like; Yodle, Hibu, G/O Digital, and Webvisible. 

Our Company Model 

Over the last decade the strategic CFA "blueprint" was developed by our founder.  The company launched it's model, unlike any other; which was assembled by  "commitment to moral and upright application of business practice, for each and every client, with great intention and superior treatment."  

CFA, Inc. remains traditional and innovative, adhering to white-glove, ethical client-relationship practices, while maintaining early adaptation to all technological advancements by Google. 

Like any industry, digital advertising has become oversaturated with competition over the years.  Ad companies hound small businesses on a daily basis, many using "false error detection" claims to spark the interest of a gatekeeper or decision maker.  Many sales forces are trained to onboard a new client, push the information to another department.... and move on to the next prospect.  Client information is often lost in stages of translation or transition; sometimes money is collected with no services rendered.  

"Exclusivity is promised; when we work with a specific type of business in a service area, that's the only business of that kind we service within their geographical area, even nationally.  Churning and burning clients is the guaranteed recipe for failure in business," says our CEO, Carolyn Stittgen.  "Retention is everything, which we achieve by doing just what we say we are going to do, backing every word with one hundred percent truth."

 "Transparency.  Our clients aren't viewed as "accounts".... we aren't a bank here.  They're treated like people, real people with real businesses, just like ours." 

"Authentic content is created from scratch, ads are handwritten, paired with fresh website visuals and all other marketing material.  We'd be ignorant if we built a "template" database to copy and paste from.  Everyone is different.  We understand this by obtaining a clear understanding of their culture.  It's simple, everyone needs to be at the top of Google.  The question is; is the message displayed in the most effective manner, and does it stand out?  at the right time?  leading to the most relevant information?  as fast as possible? 

But it doesn't stop there.  Once that information is viewed, is the business reachable and can they properly communicate what's needed to translate to a sale or new customer?  If they can't, we formulate them a script to follow and give them the ability to monitor the outcome of their calls." 

It is all about upright practice and pure intention; understanding a need, the factors that impact meeting that need, and ultimately, implementing the appropriate system to make a difference in the outcome based on that need. 


"We execute an in depth analysis during each preliminary meeting.  We take a look at what’s current, then figure out the next steps that are best fit for our client's vision. Customized plans are created; including options that make sense; paired with an à la carte menu that allows the ability to add creative elements to each Ad Package, like video and display campaigns, with no contracts."

There is no “cookie cutter” way to execute an authentic advertising plan, as every business is different from their competition.  No matter the size of the business or marketing budget, we have a starting point and plan to obtain growth.  "Simple Stage 1" digital exposure packages help our clients reach target markets at a conservative pace with a conservative budget.  Aggressive market domination does not and should not happen overnight.   


We are personally with our clients from day one.  As it remains, they are our true Critical Focus.